Adopt a Site

Is FW1 or NT2 your favourite pitch to camp on?

You may remember back in 2009 that we encouraged Groups to ‘Adopt a Site’. This meant that they would come here at least twice a year to work on their chosen ‘adopted’ site – clearing brambles, nettles, branches, etc.

We are now relaunching this idea so if there is a site that you really like camping on and feel that you can make a difference to its appearance then please do get in touch.

The benefits of adopting a site are:

  1. Cubs, can work towards their Naturalist or Environmental Conservation Activity Badge. Scouts can work towards their Outdoor Challenge Award, Community Impact Badge and Teamwork Challenge Award.
  2. You get first refusal at camping on your adopted site when staying at Frylands – this is especially handy when we have large events and the camp sites get snapped up by other Groups.
  3. You are making a massive difference to the quality of your future stays and are also impacting other Groups as well.

We do ask that you make a commitment of visiting your site at least twice a year to make improvements.

Click here for a map of the site. The sites in yellow have already been adopted by a Group.