Bee Keeping Experience

Working at our apiary at Frylands Wood Scout Centre, we endeavour to build confidence and environmental awareness in children through high quality, hands on education in beekeeping experiences. 

Sessions are available for Birthday Parties, School Bookings, Scout and Guide Bookings and even Family bookings.

Participants will learn about the lifecycle of a honey bee seeing it in all stages within the bee hive. They will learn a bit about what honey bees collect and bring back to the hive and how they store and use it. They will begin to understand the three castes of honey bee (worker, queen and drone) and their roles in the hive. They will get an opportunity to hold a frame of bees, perhaps facing their fears in the process.

Activity Number of children participating Scouts and Guides Price Youth Groups and Schools Price
Beekeeping Experience 6 max

1 ½ Hours

£120.00 £120.00
Beekeeping Experience 12 max

2 ½ Hours

£180.00 £180.00


Everyone that attends Beekeeping Experience session must complete a Medical Information and Consent form which can be found below.

For more information please visit

and to make a booking contact the Queen Bee – Debbie Burney