Disc Golf

Disc Golf is a new activity at Frylands Wood in 2023 and is run on a purpose built woodland 9 hole course, just past the FW1.

The idea is to throw your frisbee from the ‘tee’ and get your disc into the designated hole in the least amount of throws. If you miss, you must play from where it lands which can involve some hilarious throwing positions.

It is a self-led session, so please ensure you read, understand & sign the related ‘Conditions of Use’ before starting the session. It will then be your responsibility to ensure the session is run in as safe a manner as possible, including managing your participants behavior throughout. However, Frylands Wood staff are always happy to go through the activity folder with you so that you can get the best out of your session.


Minimum Age: 4 years old

Most appropriate for: 4+